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About Andrena

Andrena Zeigler is an advanced practice registered nurse who earned her doctor of nursing practice degree as a first honor graduate from the Medical University of South Carolina, and has been a nurse practicing in the area of pediatrics for 20 years. Named as the South Carolina Primary Care Nurse of the Year in 2012, Dr. Zeigler is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner and a board-certified pediatric primary care mental health specialist. She also loves teaching the next generation of nurses and nurse practitioners in the field of pediatrics.


Dr. Zeigler grew up in a residential area called Happy Town in Gaston, South Carolina. She is married, and lives in South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. In her free time she enjoys being creative in cooking, decorating, designing, and writing. Her books are inspired by all the children in her life, including her daughters, nieces and nephews, and her patients.

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